Get to Know Presenter Kristi Belcamino

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 7.17.33 PM.pngKristi Belcamino is a Macavity, Barry, and Anthony Award-nominated author of four crime fiction books, a newspaper cops reporter, and an Italian mama who makes a tasty biscotti. Her first novel, BLESSED ARE THE DEAD, was inspired by her dealings with a serial killer during her life as a Bay Area crime reporter. Her first YA novel, CITY OF ANGELS (Polis Books) is slated for 2017.

Belcamino has written and reported about many high-profile cases including the Laci Peterson murder and Chandra Levy’s disappearance. She has appeared on “Inside Edition” and her work has appeared in the Miami Herald, San Jose Mercury News, and Chicago Tribune. Kristi now works part-time as a police reporter at the St. Paul Pioneer Press. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and her two fierce daughters.

At the 2017 Minnesota Writing Workshop, she is teaching the sessions “Ten Tips for Writing Great Mysteries, Thrillers, and Crime Fiction” and “Talking Craft and Revision.” She is also critiquing manuscript pages as an add-on element for attendees. She is critiquing adult thrillers, mysteries, and suspense novel pages.

Find out more about her on Facebook and Twitter.


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