Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Tori Sharp of The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency

Tori Sharp joined The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency as a Literary Agent in 2020 after interning for two years. Tori has a BFA in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and her graphic memoir, JUST PRETEND, is forthcoming from Little, Brown in spring 2021. When she’s not reading, writing, or making comics, she can be found swing and blues dancing, playing tabletop games, or exploring coffee shops in beautiful Seattle, WA.

Tori represents all manner of children’s literature. You can learn more about her at

She is seeking:

Please send me all genres of children’s graphic novels. I love comics that are heartfelt and gestural, and I tend to like art styles that look animated and soft, but bright. I would jump at a raw but playful MG graphic memoir or stories that feel like fairy tales. Some of my favorite comics are Catboy, Crush, Nimona, Fake Blood, The Prince and the Dressmaker, On a Sunbeam, and Check, Please!

“See my #MSWL Pinterest board for examples of illustration styles I’d love to find in my inbox:

For middle-grade and young adult prose, my heart is in SFF. PLEASE send me WITCHES! I adore magical realism, and I will consider portal fantasy if it has a strange and fun new take on the genre. Give me something that feels like a campy D&D game—or a TTRPG campaign that literally or metaphorically becomes real. I am also looking for contemporary stories dealing with school struggles, broken homes, mental health, transactional friendships, creativity, reconciliation, geekery, saying ‘no,’ and ambition. I would love a cool and clever spy, heist, or mystery story.

For nonfiction, I am exclusively looking for MG memoir and how-to books that introduce a craft.

Across all genres, I love to see humor, ‘hopepunk’ stories, chaotic/trickster characters, riddles and lateral thinking problems in the narrative, diverse #ownvoices, neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ characters, mental health advocacy, and themes about freedom, boundaries, or overcoming conditioned fear. If you’re not sure whether I represent your genre, feel free to query me anyway, but I’m not the right agent for adult, horror, stories of sexual assault, medical dramas, religious fiction or nonfiction, or comedies of errors.

My favorite novels include Saffy’s Angel, The School Story, Eliza and her Monsters, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spinning Silver, Skyward, Blood Water Paint, and Chaotic Good.”

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