Get to Know an Editor in Attendance: Meg Gaertner of Flux & Jolly Fish Press

Meg Gaertner is a senior editor with Flux and Jolly Fish Press.

She is seeking young adult works.

Following jobs and internships in neuroscience, social work, and education, Meg rediscovered a childhood love of writing, earned an MFA in Creative Writing at Antioch L.A., and got a job editing nonfiction at a publishing house. She has written three novels, attended multiple Futurescapes workshops, was a 2019 Pitch Wars mentee, made the Top Ten and Judges’ Favorites lists for Ink & Insights 2020, and is now the senior editor of middle grade and young adult fiction at Jolly Fish Press and Flux. She is also an author of YA fantasy and science fiction.

Young Adult Fiction Wish List:

Flux empowers young adults through imaginative, insightful, and inspiring fiction. Consistently provocative and independently alternative, Flux publishes unique narratives that expand perspectives, provide fresh takes, and increase representation. We welcome all voices and all genres of novel-length YA fiction.

I’m looking for well-crafted YA fiction with strong, engaging plots and one-of-a-kind characters. I prefer “out-of-the-box” stories that combine social commentary with a killer voice and a fresh premise. I also prefer stories with strong emotional arcs and themes.

I am open to the following YA genres:
• Contemporary
• Science Fiction
• Historical Fiction
• Horror
• Thrillers
• Mystery
• Contemporary Fantasy

Some specific wish list items:
• Genre-blending stories (mythology-inspired horror, sci-fi thriller, etc.)
• Anything horror, especially of the uncanny/unsettling variety
• Character-driven science fiction (less space opera and more exploring a theme such as our relationship to technology or what it means to be human)
• Historical fiction that highlights excluded or underrepresented experiences
• Protagonists as changemakers and activists
• Feminist, intersectional, post-colonial, and/or environmentally conscious stories
• Male lead characters who subvert toxic masculinity
• Found families and strong friendships, sibling relationships, and diverse ensemble casts
• Romance as a subplot OR romance not included at all (I’m not the best fit for romance as the chief plot)

Across all young adult genres, I welcome:
• LGBTQIA+ representation
• Neurodiversity
• Immigrant main characters
• Racial or cultural diversity


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