Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Jennie Goloboy of Donald Maass Literary Agency

Jennie Goloboy is a literary agent with Donald Maass Literary Agency.

“I’m particularly looking for fun, innovative, diverse, and progressive science fiction and fantasy for adults. I think that one of the most important jobs of science fiction is to imagine a future we want to live in.

“As a fan of character-driven novels, I want to be desperate to know what happens to your hero by the time I’ve finished your writing sample. Romance and humor are always a plus. If your book combines an oddball premise with a compelling protagonist, I want to read it. I never see enough hard science fiction.

“I’m also looking for history for a popular, adult audience. I’m a particular fan of histories of an idea, and narratives about early America. I’m not interested in historical novels, or in memoir.”

Jennie joined the Donald Maass Literary Agency in 2017, after six years at a Twin Cities-based literary agency. She has a PhD in the History of American Civilization from Harvard, and published a book based on her dissertation, Charleston and the Emergence of Middle-Class Culture in the Revolutionary Era, in 2016. Her novel, Obviously Aliens, was published by Queen of Swords Press in 2021.

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