Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Lisa Kloskin of Broadleaf Books

Lisa Kloskin is an acquisitions editor at Broadleaf Books, an imprint of 1517 Media.

Broadleaf publishes books that engage readers in fresh, substantive, timely, and inspiring reflection on what it is to live with meaning and connection; we specialize in religion, spirituality, social justice, culture, and personal growth.

Lisa lives in the twin cities with her husband and two young children. When not editing for Broadleaf, she spends her time hiking, biking, listening to public radio, streaming whatever show everyone else is watching this week, and of course reading.

Wishlist: I am seeking nonfiction books for adults in the categories of spirituality, personal growth, parenting, and social justice. I am especially looking for:

  • BIPOC perspectives on spirituality, faith, and life
  • Feminist religious perspectives
  • Queer faith perspectives
  • Justice- and equity-centered approaches to civic life from rising thought leaders
  • Self-help that goes beyond the simple how-to, to meet a deeper and more existential need
  • New approaches to personal spiritual practice

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