Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Dawn Frederick of Red Sofa Literary

dawn-1313Red Sofa Literary is the celebration of the quirky, eclectic ideas in our exciting literary community.  Realizing that the best ideas come via engaging conversations and over good coffee, while sometimes relaxing in a colorful lounger.

Established by literary agent Dawn Frederick, previously of Sebastian Literary Agency,  she brings a broad knowledge of the book business to the table—with multiple years of experience as a bookseller in the independent, chain, and specialty stores; sales, marketing, & book development at a YA publisher, a published nonfiction author, and an agent associate literary agent at Sebastian Literary Agency in 2002 (before Red Sofa Literary was established).

In addition to her literary agent duties, she extensively volunteers with her local library system, while still finding time to spend quality time on her “wheels.”

She carries a B.S. in Human Ecology, and a M.S. in Information Sciences from an ALA accredited institution.  “Not only do I know what people like to read and are currently  reading;  I also have the experience of  working one-on-one with authors, book distribution centers, and literary organizations.”

Dawn Frederick’s Representative Categories:

  • Young Adult – Fiction, Nonfiction
  • Middle Grade – Fiction, Nonfiction
  • Biography — Historical, media-related, political—no personal memoirs
  • Creative Nonfiction — It needs to be smart, with noticeable platform, and highly commercial.
  • Graphic Novels — No manga please.
  • History – Books that will engage the commerical reader.  ex: Michael Beschloss
  • Humor – I loved The Zombie Survival Guide, How to be a Villain, and Yiddish with Dick and Jane.
  • Pop Culture – Especially Americana, and anything quirky
  • Social Issues/Current Affairs—Women’s Studies, GLTB Studies, Social Sciences, and more.
  • Sports — Less mainstream, more extreme sport, ex: Roller Derby
  • Women’s Narratives – chicklit nonfiction, Latina, African-American, and more.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Abby Saul of The Lark Group

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.27.32 AM.png[SOLD OUT OF PITCH APPOINTMENTS]

Abby Saul is a literary agent with The Lark Group.

Abby founded The Lark Group after a decade in publishing at John Wiley & Sons, Sourcebooks, and Browne & Miller Literary Associates. She’s worked with and edited bestselling and award-winning authors as well as major brands. A zealous reader who loves her iPad and the ebooks on it, she still can’t resist the lure of a print book. Abby’s personal library of beloved titles runs the gamut from literary newbies and classics, to cozy mysteries, to sappy women’s fiction, to dark and twisted thrillers. She’s looking for great and engrossing adult commercial and literary fiction. A magna cum laude graduate of Wellesley College, Abby spends her weekends—when she’s not reading—cooking and hiking with her husband. Find her @BookySaul on Twitter.

She’s looking for: great and engrossing writing, no matter what the adult fiction genre; she even reps some YA and MG on occasion. That said, no matter what you are pitching her, it’s best not to pitch fantasy or sci-fi.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Samantha Fountain of Corvisiero Literary

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.14.19 AM.png[SOLD OUT OF PITCH APPOINTMENTS]

Samantha Fountain is a literary agent in training with Corvisiero Literary. She will be taking pitches for herself as well as Corvisiero Literary as a whole.

Samantha is personally seeking:

  • young adult contemporary titles, and she has a particular love for dark, yet beautiful stories with unique voice (The Fault in Our Stars, If I Stay).
  • historical fiction for both young adults and adults (Water for Elephants, Cold Mountain, The Book Thief, All the Light We Cannot See).
  • mysteries and thrillers with dark, dramatic undertones (Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, Dare Me).

She is also taking pitches on behalf of Corvisiero Literary co-agents for the following:

  • middle grade
  • science fiction
  • fantasy
  • horror
  • action / adventure
  • young adult fantasy and sci-fi

Samantha wears a few hats in the literary world. An unquenchable passion burns within her at the mere thought or mention of books. With eight years experience in the industry from writing for various print, online media, and her own manuscripts, to creating/hosting successful online events that connect writers with freelance editors, literary agents, and publishing houses.

Samantha’s most recent event is a Twitter sensation and can be found under #p2p16. The book industry is where she feels at home.

Samantha’s full time job is most enjoyable. She spends her days with her five-year-old, Wallace. She LOVES coffee, or perhaps it’s an addiction. Singing is a daily thing in her household. She admits her voice is nothing to write home about. Her son is the only one that joins in these musicals. Nap and bedtime are Samantha’s allotted time to write, edit, and help in making other writers’ dreams come true.

Get to Know an Editor in Attendance: Elizabeth May of Kensington Publishing

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 4.51.30 PM.png[SOLD OUT OF PITCH APPOINTMENTS]

Elizabeth May is an editorial assistant at Kensington Publishing Corporation where she works primarily with editorial director Gary Goldstein on genre fiction and select nonfiction.

She recently acquired Cynthia Tennent’s Truhart contemporary romance series for Lyrical Press. She is seeking many categories of genre fiction, and particularly enjoys books that walk the line between upmarket and commercial, as well as historical women’s fiction, and mysteries where the characters are as important as the crime, a la literary suspense. You can find her on Twitter: @LizMay05.

She is seeking: Fiction areas of interest include action/adventure, commercial, fantasy, general, historical, horror, humorous, LGBTQ, literary, mystery, new adult, religious, romance, science fiction, women’s fiction. Nonfiction areas of interest: biography, crafts/DIY, history, humor, journalism, memoir, pop culture, travel, and true crime.

In her own words: “I would love to find the next Outlander—or a romantic adventure story that is going to take me into another world and time period and introduce me to a new set of supernatural and/or historical elements. I love mysteries, the darker the better. Would love to find the next Ruth Ware or Laura McHugh. Atmospheric and character driven psychological thrillers, especially with a unique female voice. Would love to find the next Elizabeth Hoyt, or Kresley Cole, a romance author who can really blend humor, drama, and amazing character development and sexual tension to create an unputdownable romance. I’d like to find the next Seth Grahame Smith, supernatural thriller with the kind of quirky and unique hook that can’t be ignored, and demands a space in the cultural conscience. I also seek the next Marie Kondo—a self-help styled book that seems so simply innate that as soon as you hear about it you wonder why you haven’t already read it.”

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Mary Cummings of Betsy Amster Literary

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 9.10.51 AM.pngMary Cummings is a literary agent at Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises.

She represents fiction and poetry for children and teens, from picture books to middle grade and young adult novels, including contemporary and historical, humor, mystery, fantasy, and multicultural. (No children’s nonfiction, please.)

Mary served for fourteen years as education director at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, where she organized an annual festival of children’s literature and selected judges for the prestigious McKnight Award in Children’s Literature. She represents both career writers and newcomers. She represents both career writers and newcomers.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Jennie Goloboy of Red Sofa Literary

jennie-goloboy-2014In Fall 2011, Jennie Goloboy joined Red Sofa Literary. Jennie Goloboy has a PhD in the History of American Civilization from Harvard. She is also a published author of both history and fiction, and a member of SFWA, RWA, SHEAR, OAH, the AHA, and Codex Writer’s Group. Her funny, spec-fic short stories appear under her pen name, Nora Fleischer.

Jennie Goloboy’s Representative Categories:

  • Science Fiction/Fantasy, especially with a literary flair. Would love to see more non-traditional settings and characters. I’m always open to optimistic, lighthearted fiction, but also enjoy a good scare.
  • Nonfiction history. Strong interest in American history, especially through 1850. Also interested in “history of an idea” books. Absolutely no personal memoirs.
  • Romance, primarily with sci-fi and fantasy elements.
  • Young Adult – Mostly Science Fiction/Fantasy. No paranormal romance, dystopias, or “chosen one” stories, please.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Kaylee Davis of Dee Mura Literary

17232682-20503393-thumbnail [SOLD OUT OF PITCH APPOINTMENTS]

Kaylee Davis is a literary agent with Dee Mura Literary.

Growing up in The Middle of Nowhere, Ohio, Kaylee’s lifeline to sanity was the local library where she nurtured her love of all things literary. Kaylee received a B.A. in English Literature and a B.A. in Sociology from Miami University, and she is certified in Copyediting from Emerson College. Recognized for her obsessive-compulsive attention to detail and crazy-fast reading ability, Kaylee joined the Dee Mura team as a professional copyeditor, proofreader, and administrative assistant before being named an agent.

She represents: Kaylee is actively acquiring middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction — particularly sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary, literary, and LGBTQ. She is drawn to exciting, thought-provoking stories with a fresh perspective that explores what it means to be human. She loves plot twists, genre-bending, unlikely allies, flawed heroes, and stories that are both literally and figuratively out of this world.